General Dentistry

Dry mouth is a very common problem an is caused by many factors.

Dry Mouth must be diagnosed and in many cases - treated.

Sometimes it is series of oral ulcers that just will no go away, sometimes it could be worse. Eitherway the oral mucosea is very sensitive to any injury.

Oral ulcers or wounds that persist for more that 2 week require a diagnosis and treatment.

Also an annual screen for pre-malignant lesions and oral cancer is recommended.

Continuous pain of the TMJ, masticatory muscles, the jaws themselves, or the face could seriouslt affect the quality of life.

At times there is sever pain thar was checked by a dentist, ENT, and a neurologist with no diagnosis.

There are moders techniques and also drugs that can help with such pain.

Diseases of the Oral Mucosa

Chronic pain of the Oral, Facial, or Jaw

Diagnosis and reatment of
Dry Mouth

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